SC Midlands Summit June 13-14 2018

Jared Seay and Bob Noe will be presenting at the SC Midlands Summit in Columbia, South Carolina on June 13.  We will be presenting Megagames, Escape-Rooms, and Edu-LARPs: Immersive Participatory Games in the Curriculum


Immersive, participatory games are being adopted by K-12 and postsecondary education curriculum to enliven and enhance the classroom. An immersive, participatory game involves putting a group of players directly into a problem or scenario while providing a mechanic to allow the players to interact cooperatively to resolve or experience the scenario. This presentation will explore the history, current use of, and potential future of such games and how they are being actively integrated into the classroom. We will address many types of such games including escape rooms, Edu-LARPS, megagames and related experiential concepts such as “reacting to the past.”

Session: Wednesday Session 4 12:20-1:20
Room: Meeting Room A