Gamification of Education

Disrupting the Classroom: The Gamification of Education
On June 12 Jared Seay and Bob Noe will present the above presentation at the SC Midlands Summit in Blythwood, SC.

This session’s title is based on the titles of two books: Distrupting Class: How disruptive innovation will change the way the world learns (Clayton Christensen et al 2011) and “The Gamification of Learning: Game-based methods and strategies for training and education (Karl M. Kapp 2012).

Disruption can be a good thing, especially when it invigorates and re-news.  Gamification is transforming and disrupting the traditional classroom.  The concepts and techniques that make a good game engaging – whether it’s a card game, a board game, or an online computer adventure – are being applied to student projects, teaching topics, and even entire classroom structure with great success.  Educators are discovering the powerful ability of games, gaming mindset, and the phenomenon of gamification to fully engage and inspire their students.  This session will not only explain why and how this is happening now, but it will show you examples of how other educators are using the gamification of learning to positively disrupt their classrooms.



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