Game Sites

These are  sites for both digital (online and offline) and analog(card and board) games and gaming.  They include online gaming sites, game reviews and descriptions, and purchasing / obtaining games as well as detailed information on playing or using a game for teaching/learning.   Some descriptions are taken or modified from descriptions on the sites.

Academic Builders: Academic Skill Builders are research-based and standards-aligned educational games that offer an innovative approach to teaching basic academic skills. We incorporate features of arcade games and educational practices into fun online games that will engage, motivate, and teach your students.

Library Resource Learning Games (from UpstartBooks / Highsmith):  Board and card games purchasing.

GoVenture: Educational Games & Simulations: Educational Board and computer games and simulations purchasing. GoVenture targets broad mainstream education and business markets, providing content to learn, simulations to gain virtual experience, and tools to help people succeed in real life.

Apolyton Civilization Site:   “dedicated to complete coverage of the most comprehensive collection of Civilization-related material on the Internet.”  Civilizartion is perhaps the most widely used commercial game in education.

Shockwave: an online gaming site for hundreds of games including action adventure, stragegy, puzzles, time management, matching, card and board, sports racing and many many more.

BrainMeld: Bridging the gap between gaming and education:  BrainMeld’s goal is to build a global community of educators, academics, technologists and video game professionals created to promote the use of mainstream video games as classroom learning tools. The site contains research, articles, links and discussion boards to encourage a lively exchange of ideas.

Civ World: This is a site for people interested in using Sid Meier’s Civilization (game) for learning academic content, including history, geography, or even game design.  This site has custom-designed game scenarios, curricula, case studies, and experts on using Civ for learning.  The goal is to help players, students, parents, and even teachers use the game at home, in after school centers and maybe even classrooms. (THIS SITE IS NO LONGER OPERATIONAL AND APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN SUPERSEDED BY GAMES LEARNING SOCIETY)

Games+Learning+Society (GLS) :  A group of videogame scholars and designers dedicated to doing more in these media environments. With our friends and partners in the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and Learning Games Network, GLS delves into how videogames capture our imaginations, how their power can be used to transform learning, and what this engaging medium means for society. Combining faculty, students, and academic staff from the Digital Media program in Curriculum & Instruction with industry-tested game designers, we’ve discovered that well-designed, compelling games can improve learning outcomes and make education fun. (from the site’s ABOUT)

Board Game Geek:   A huge board game database of player reviews, session reports, images, and news .

Board Game Central: This site is a central resource for board game information, rules, software, and links, focussed on the traditional and family board games that many people know and love, as well as new games you might not yet be familiar with, but which we think you’ll enjoy. So explore our games & have some fun!


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