Info Overload

The current pace of technological information progression (say that 3 times fast) is mind boggling.  This video illustrates the pace and scale quickly in simple facts and graphs.  Children today must learn different ways to learn and interact with this information torrent in order to be effective in the present and the very near future  – and to keep from being overwhelmed by it.  This video gives a taste of what we are all facing.

“Learning to Be”

“Deep learning – learning that can lead to real understanding, the ability to apply one’s knowledge, and even to transform that knowledge for innovation – requires that we move beyond “learning about” and move to “learning to be.”  It requires that learning be not just about “belief” (what the facts are, where they come from, and who believes them), but also strongly about “design” (how, where and why knowledge, including facts, are useful and adequate for specific purposes and goals).”

— James Paul Gee
Good Video Games + Good Learning: Collected Essays on Video Games, Learning and Literacy (p. 132)


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