Posted by: Jared Seay | January 6, 2015

Teacher Ananth Pai’s do-it-yourself tech effort pays big dividends for students

From original post by Beth Hawkins of MinnPost.

Third grade teach Ananth Pai developed a system of using data make individualized curriculum for his students using educational games.  “Pai’s work brilliantly showcased the potential for some of the ideas currently generating the most buzz in education policy circles: Blended learning, personalized learning, data-driven instruction.”*

Hawkin’s post of this story includes a short (13 min) video documenting Pai’s efforts. But, the most amazing thing is that this incredibly successful result has largly been ignored by the bureaucracy, and was completly done in spite of the bureaucracy. “Pai’s brave experiment is fun to hear about, but the point of the EE video is that organizations resist change. (And the nonprofit is very careful to note that the resistance in this story does not accrue to a school, district or agency; it’s a systemic issue.)”*

* Beth Hawkins of the MinnPost


See full article and video @ MinnPost


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