Posted by: Jared Seay | March 23, 2012

James Gee: What Do Video Games Have to Do with Project-Based Learning?

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David Ross and John Larmer are both with the Buck Institute for Education. Mr. Larmer is the Director of Product Development, and Mr. Ross is the Institute’s Director of Teacher Professional Development & Dean of National Faculty.

It was September 13, 2011, and we were just about to hear a talk by James Paul Gee, author of What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. The talk was part of our annual community meeting of the Buck Institute for Education. Here’s a summary of our conversations — before and after watching Gee speak. (Please scroll down for a video of highlights from Gee’s presentation.)

John: Hey Dave, I’m not sure about this guest speaker we have for our community meeting. Aren’t a lot of us educators worried about how kids spend their time these days? I’m always trying to get my teenage son to stop playing video games and pick up a book or go outside!

David: As a dad of two boys I worry about the same thing. That is why our house has clear rules about game playing. We designate Mondays as electronics free days. My wife and I, who both play games on our iPads, adhere to the rule too. We limit game-play on weekends to four hours per day. On most school nights we are so busy with home work and sports the boys never have time to play. I wouldn’t want my kids to read 8 hours a day so why would I let them play video games 8 hours a day.

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