Posted by: Jared Seay | February 4, 2011

Historical Simulations in the Classroom

Jeremiah McCall teaches high school history at Cincinnati Country Day School.  His blog, historical simulations in the classroom, is a self described “repository for theory, research , and implementations of simulation games for history education.  Look here for links to current research, online and hard copy video games, and some introductory theoretical work.”   The blog is jammed packed with information on using simulations and games (and gaming) to enhance the teaching of history in particular and enhance all teaching in a more engaging and productive way.  Here you will find practical, documented  experience on using games and simulations across the spectrum of history including current events, world history, united states history, and “you name it” history.  Its not just computer or video games either.  McCall includes lots of experiental information on table top gaming as well.

I have rarely found a greater concentration of information (research, documentation, and bibliographies) for educators, teachers, and designers (and would-be designers) of using games in teaching and learning.  Includes game reviews, lesson plans and articles.

Link here to the Historical Simulations in the Classroom blog.



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