Posted by: Jared Seay | January 18, 2011

Civilized Teaching

Teaching with a video game: the case for Civilization

From Brian Alexandar

How can we teach with computer games?  One example can help answer this: the track record of instructors using Civilization in class.

Civilization is one of the most famous games of our time.  First published in 1991, this historical and social simulation puts players in charge of a nation.  “Civ” play starts from ancient times, then advances through time to our present day and a little further into the future.  The most recent installment, Civ V, was recently launched, as Ruben noted last week.

The game is primarily for the PC platform.  There is also a freeware version of the early game, FreeCiv.  Given its emphasis on historical and social content, it should come as no surprise that teachers have been using Civ in classes.

Rest of Article Located Here

From: National Institute for Liberal Education (blog)
by Brian Alexandar October 2010


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