Posted by: Jared Seay | January 3, 2011

Hearts of Iron II Becomes Teaching Tool

Hearts of Iron II is still fun, but now is educational, as it’s being used to teach college students about WW2.

From “The Escapist” by Mike Thompson 

Hearts of Iron II is one of those strategy games that, if you can get past its steep learning curve, is supposed to be a great deal of fun with a ton of replay value. While the game is certainly well-regarded for its depth and realism, no one’s considered the game to be an educational tool until now; a Political Science course at University of California, Los Angeles is using the game to help teach students about what led up to World War II.

The game is being facilitated by a student named Einar Engvig, who realized the game could be, “used in order to equip students with a better grasp of the Theory of Tripolarity and the general geopolitics of the world in the build up to WWII.”

Full Article Here


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