Posted by: Jared Seay | January 16, 2010

Keyword Konundrum

Scott Rice of Library Games announced the completion of an online game called “Keyword Konundrum” that helps learning about keyword searching.  Scott explains  “The game intends to teach that search engines do not always produce the results you intend. The game shows 10 images downloaded from Yahoo! Images and 5 words, one of which was the word used to produce the image search results you see. Just click on the right word.   The game gets harder as you go as you are given less time, shown fewer images, and the words get closer in meaning.   If you choose the wrong word, you can click the “Show me the Pictures” link and see the images you would have gotten if your word was used to do the search.”

Scott has made Keyword Konundrum available online and gives the codes for downloading it to your library server.


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