Posted by: Jared Seay | June 25, 2009

Thanks for Attending – Get new and more info!!

Bob and Branden and Justin and I thank all who attended our workshop on Tuesday afternoon.  If you left at 3:30, you missed the best part where we brought out video games, console games, board games, and some combo-games to demo and play with.  Branden demonstrated his talent on guitar hero while simultaneously explaining the costs, the hows of hooking it up, and even how it could be used for teaching!  Justin showed off his expertise in game puzzles, and Jared demonstrated the free computer download to help with classroom use of the trivia / wager game “Wits and Wagers.”  Bob, facilitated all of this masterfully by encouraging and explaining, and needling all in attendance who required such attentions.

We said in the presentation that you would be able to find on this blog all the information we talked about.  YOU CAN!  Check out the blog roll on the right margin and the game sites and the cool sites on the navigation tabs at the top of the blog.  This includes game review sites, articles, and research and assessment that can help you justify the use of games in your school.  There are also many sites that offer suggestions and practical aid in incorporating and using games (digital and analog games) into your library, your classroom, and your school.  For example there is a site (Civ World) linked from one of our pages that is completly dedicated to usng the computer game “Civilization” in educational settings.   We will be adding more information to these pages as well as creating more pages and information in post, video, and pdf format.

I know many of you are still at the UTC, which has some great sessions.  Remember when you get back and start applying that new information you have learned, to remember gaming!  It’s a great tool to include in your inspirational teaching toolkit!  Any questions?  Hey, ask ask ask!



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