Posted by: Jared Seay | May 14, 2009

Most kids want educational games in school, survey shows….So?

Article from Buzzblog by Paul McNamara

Of course they do, I hear you saying, eyes rolling. Most any parent who has struggled to tear a child away from a video game will cringe and/or guffaw at the notion of schools actually using such games to teach serious academics.

Either reaction is a perfectly understandable, although perhaps shortsighted.

The survey, which covers a swath of issues relating to technology and K-12 education, was conducted over the course of 2007 by Project Tomorrow.

Among the survey findings:

* More than half of students in grades 3 through 12 believe educational gaming would help them learn;

* Only 16% of teachers, 15% of administrators and 19% of parents are on board today — although there was significantly more support for further exploration of the potential;

* And, 11% of teachers say they’re already using video games in class, no matter how much you roll your eyes.

Then there was this little nugget, which may explain better than any other data point why this topic is even being discussed: Only 3% of elementary school students say they do not play video games of any kind.

Students surveyed say learning via video games would help them better understand difficult concepts, become more engaged in the subject matter and practice skills.

There’s no mention of the games being fun, but that goes without saying.

Link to the rest of this article from Buzzblog by Paul McNamara


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