Posted by: Jared Seay | May 7, 2009

Gaming is the future of classroom instruction

FETC ‘eye opening’ keynote speaker Jim Brazell stresses the importance that gaming will soon have in K-12 classrooms

Gaming is moving out of the entertainment domain and into other areas, said Jim Brazell, president of  “We now have serious games. There are applications of video games to domains other than entertainment,” he said Jan. 22 at an “eye opening” keynote — so named for its start time 28 minutes after sunrise — during the Florida Education Technology Conference. “Video games do not belong pigeon holed in entertainment.”

Games have crossed into serious domains such as health care and military training and have begun to give birth to new models of playing, learning, and socializing, he said.

“You can get more data in a video game than in any other education area,” Brazell said, adding that gaming allows for the convergence of physical, virtual, and imaginary realities.

Video games have been used for things as diverse as emergency-response training and language acquisition. The utility of gaming derives from the fact that mammals learn best through play, according to Brazell.


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