Posted by: Jared Seay | April 10, 2009

Gaming for Learning at the 2009 SCASL Summer Institute:

South Carolina Upstate Technology Conference

Greenville, SC
June 23-25, 2009

Pre-Conference Workshop: Gaming to Learn in the Media Center
June 23
1 – 7pm (there will be a break for dinner)

Jared Seay, Addlestone Library, College of Charleston and Bob Noe, South Carolina ETV (Retired)

Gaming across America has become a way for libraries to encourage play, socialization, cultural enrichment and learning. Electronic and board gaming are both becoming an exciting way for libraries to increase their patron base and promote themselves. Public libraries have become the leader in gaming utilization in the library communities but the academic and school communities are quickly increasing their gaming participation. This workshop will look at how k-12 libraries fit into this picture and what media specialists (who have not already done so) can do to get into the act. There will be hands on time in the library to play games for learning! The SCASL Summer Institute is partnering with the Upstate Technology Conference in Greenville this year.


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